Here is some helpful information to begin planning your destination wedding on Italy's island of Capri.

How far in advance do I need to begin organizing my destination wedding on Capri?
It's best to begin planning at least a year in advance, though we are able to organize weddings with an advance notice of just a few weeks.
What sort of paperwork do I need to get married on Capri?
Different documents are needed based on the citizenship and residency of the bride and groom. We will help you gather all the necessary paperwork based on the type of ceremony you are planning and your citizenship. For couples who are not European citizens, the bureaucracy can be particularly complex, which is why we suggest getting legally married in your home country and celebrating a symbolic ceremony on Capri.
Can I hold a religious wedding ceremony on Capri?
Non-Italian citizens cannot celebrate a Catholic wedding on Capri. If either the bride or groom is an Italian citizen, a special dispensation can be requested from the Archbishop.
Where can civil ceremonies be held on Capri, Italy?
Both the towns of Capri and Anacapri have a number of venues in scenic overlooks around the island that are available as use for wedding venues. There is a fee to use these locations; if you are planning a wedding on a budget, you can choose to get married at City Hall.
Where can symbolic wedding ceremonies be held on Capri?
Symbolic wedding ceremonies can be held in any venue.
Are there churches on Capri available to celebrate Protestant weddings?
There is a small Evangelical chapel on the island of Capri, where Protestant wedding ceremonies can be celebrated by both Italians and non-Italian citizens.
How can I arrange transportation to the island of Capri for my bridal party and guests?
We can take care of arranging transportation for you and your guests by luxury car, minivan, private boat, and even helicopter.
How long does a civil ceremony last?
A civil wedding ceremony lasts about 20 minutes.
Can we add our personal touch to the venue and ceremony?
Of course! You can choose your floral and other decor, music, and vows.
Why should I choose Capri Wedding for my destination wedding on Capri?
Capri Wedding has 20 years of experience planning weddings and other events on the island of Capri, Italy. We live and work on the island, so know it inside and out. This means that we can solve any last minute problems or complicatons quickly and smoothly. Our mission has always been to offer wedding planning services which combine impeccable professional expertise with the warm hospitality for which the island of Capri is known.
How can we choose the right venue for our wedding on Capri if we've never visited the island?
We'll email you about all the possible venues, and accompany you on a preliminary tour of the available locations on the island if you can visit Capri before your wedding date.
How long before my wedding day do I need to arrive on Capri?
This depends upon the documents and paperwork based on the type of wedding and your country of origin, but we suggest arriving at least a week before your wedding day.
What is the minimum budget for a wedding on Capri, Italy?
For a small ceremony with just the bride and groom, expect to spend about €1,500 for transportation, flowers, and photos.

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