Faq Domande Frequenti

When should I start planning my wedding on the Island of Capri?

Although, ideally, you should start planning your wedding at least 12 months before the big day, we are able to organize a wedding with just a few weeks notice.

Why should I choose Capri Wedding?

Capri Wedding has over 15 years experience in planning weddings and special events on the Island of Capri.
We live on the island and so have vital insider knowledge of the area, enabling us to quickly and easily resolve any unexpected problems which might arise.
From the very beginning, our mission has been to provide professional services united with Capri's traditional hospitality and style.

What do you mean by full assistance from the beginning to the end of the wedding?

We'll provide professional assistance from the moment we receive your initial enquiry to the day of your wedding and beyond, until the day of your departure from the island.

How can I choose the location for my wedding in Capri if I haven't been to the island yet?

We will be pleased to send you information about potential sites or even accompany you on a preliminary tour of the island, showing you the various locations available.

Can you help me with the paperwork?

Yes. We provide full assistance for the completion of all legal procedures and paperwork in Capri and in Naples.

How can we and our guests get to the island?

Capri Wedding provides transfers on arrival and departure by luxury car, coach, private boat and helicopter.

I would love to arrange some memorable pre and post wedding excursions for my guests, is this possible?

Yes, We will be pleased to arrange bespoke tours and excursions on the island, to the Amalfi Coast, Pompei and the city of Naples.

I want my wedding to be a party nobody will forget!, can you help?

Sure. We have a great variety of bands and entertainers on our books, to make sure your wedding celebrations are truly memorable.

Where are Civil weddings performed on the Island of Capri?

Civil weddings are performed in the town hall of Capri, in a room overlooking the legendary Piazzetta, or in the town hall of Anacapri.

How long does the civil wedding service last?

The civil ceremony takes about 20 minutes.

Can I custom decorate the venue?

Yes, you can have your own flower arrangements, music etc.

How much does a Civil wedding on the Island of Capri cost?

Cost of Civil Ceremony at Anacapri Town Hall EURO 160,00: morning office hours Euro 200,00: afternoon hours from 4.00 PM to 7.00 PM Euro 300,00: on Saturday Cost of Civil Ceremony at Capri Town Hall Euro 350,00: morning office hours Euro 500,00: afternoon hours from 4.00 PM to 7.00 PM and Saturday

How many days do we need to be in Capri before the civil marriage?

Every country has different requirements, which often vary according to your nationality, as a general rule, you would need to be on the island one week before your wedding day.

Both my fiancÚ and I are Catholic, but not Italian, can we have a religious wedding ceremony in Capri?

No, unfortunately only Italian nationals can be married in the island's Catholic churches
For further information, please read this article press release of the Arcidiocesi di Sorrento/Castellammare di Stabia..

Is it possible to arrange a Protestant wedding in Capri?

Protestant wedding ceremonies are performed in a lovely little chapel situated in one of the most romantic spots on the island.

How can I ship my wedding dress to the island?

We advise you to check with your airline company, as each one applies different procedures.

What type of music and entertainment can you organize?

Whatever type you want! Let us know your preferences and we will present you with a range of suitable options.